A commercial for 24option with Boris Becker

I was Edited.


Company: Citymedia.

A parodic fashion video with the minister Ayelet Shaked I was Edited.

Party: Hayamin Hahadash.

A series of promos for the Israeli Network I've Shot.


Studio: Plain.

A summary "what we were doing" clip for finance minister Moshe Kahlon.

Party: Kulanu.

A short promo video from CL 2019 photoshoot I was Filming and Editing.

Company: Crazy Line.

A fashion clip for Daniel Moshe I was Filming.

Directors: Meir Warcel, Ori Aharon.

A teaser for a kid series name Haklum Hagadol I've Shot on green screen.

Channel: KIDZ.

One of few short commercials for Gindi Mall I was Edited.

Company: Citymedia.

A commercial for Dominos Pizza I was Producing and Editing.

Company: Citymedia.

A campaign video who present real people from different places I was Filming and Editing.

Party: Hayamin Hahadash.

A short humoristic video that describes the problematic issue with postponed payments for freelancer workers. Filming and Editing by me.

Company: Citymedia and Noy Alush.

A content video by Amitay Hazan about the artist Zoya Cherkassky, I was Shot and Edit.

Company: Tiroche auction house.

A short promo video for Petah Tikva's summer activities I was Direct and Edit.

Comapny: Petah Tikva municipality.

A political video by Eldad Yaniv and Erel Margalit I've Edit.

Director: Dror Shaul.

A video of all Kulanu's party members, I've shot and Edit.

Company: Kulanu.

A promotional video for Hillel Ramat Gan school I was Direct, Shot, and Edit.

Company: Citymedia.