A commercial for Sugar substitute produts company Sweetango.


The video is one from a series of three short videos, for promoting different products of the company. Our guide was to emphasis a young vibe with class, as the standard of the products, which consider to be the most quality in region.


Starring: Yuval Peleg

Director : Dotan Gur

DOP : Oran Havivi

A commercial video for X20 GYM located in Hertseliya.


X20 GYM is a new kind of gym, in which you wear an electrode helmet the gives you electric pulses to all of your muscles. So in 20 minutes, you can make a full workout like you were for 1.5 hours in a regular gym.


Starring : Limor Peleg, Liran Mizrahi

Director : Dotan Gur

DOP : Oran Avivi

A short promotional video made for presenting the new video department of Compugraphic company.


The script was made from a marketing strategy brief, with the purpose of connecting what already exists in Compugraphic with the new suggestion of Cocomovies

After finding the right words and then the music, we've added a combination of Compugraphic videos with stock footages, spiced with animated text and graphics.


Director : Dotan Gur

Designer : Dmitry Khmelnitsky

A video clip for the song "Orange Sunset" by the singer Yehuda Kaminsky.


The script has started from an idea about connecting the words of the song to the story of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba. It continued to this relationship between an office working guy and his yoga teacher.

Starring : Niv Haviv Avraham, Samrat Haylu

Director : Dotan Gur

DOP : Oron Cohen

Fashion clip for 2019 winter collection of Crazy Line.


The clip is supposed to show this collection with 4 models. We had a big hangar as a possible location, and after a thought about the models walk in and out the entrance, came the idea of building a genuine Modeling Track inside.

Director : Dotan Gur

Designer : Sigal Dekel

Commercial for 1Gum a day, an energy gum.

We wanted to create a humorist commercial for this gum, targeted to an American audience of people around 20-40. A negative short cause and effect scenario was our way.

Starring : Gad Nevo, Yarden Grosser

Director : Dotan Gur

DOP : Armen Sarkisov

A story-clip Alone in the White City.

I wanted to make an independent fashion video, and from draft to draft it got to this story of a couple who enters this futuristic progressive park.

Starring : Shammel Pitts, Zina Zinchenko

Director : Dotan Gur

Music : Kfir Shay

DOP : Alon Lutsky

A life style video for fashion blogger Yael Kimelman. 

Yael communicates her life in Tel-Aviv to an American audience throw articles and pictures. In this video we wanted to express all of this great work she is doing into one video at different places in Tel-Aviv.  

Director : Dotan Gur

DOP : Armen Sarkisov

Commercial for Rov Hair, a political party from Tel-Aviv who ran for elections.

What will happen if there will be no young people in Tel-Aviv? Eyal Kitsis couldn't manifest it better.

Director : Dotan Gur

Company : CityMedia

Writer : Roy Idan

Commercial for Montar, a car phone holder.

In this commercial we tried to provoke a little bit with this mixture of sexual and humoristic content. Targeted for an American Audience

Starring : Linoy Elbahar, Gal Dvir

Director : Dotan Gur

DOP : Armen Sarkisov

Fashion clip for Crazy line Summer collection.

We were filming these strips for presenting the new collection on 20 big long screens in a place at Jaffa. Afterwards we've added them together to this single clip.

Director : Dotan Gur

Designer : Sigal Dekel

A poetry video for a song by Adi Tishrai.

Adi wrote about this longing to be outside while she is at her day job. The video was selected for Indie Cork festival.

Director : Dotan Gur

Writer : Adi Tishrai

A commercial for FlowerzBot, a flower detection app.

A lovely kid is going on a hike with her father, and get curious about the flowers that she sees. How will she get to know them?

Director : Dotan Gur

My first real commercial for LoveMe.

Habetsefer is a place that teaches commercials production. for this project they choose 3 directors from TA university, and I was one of them. It was really nice to get this process from start to end with a well-organized production and a good script. Our commercial won and Love ME decided to broadcast it.

Starring : Gad Nevo, Danielle Belinky

Director : Dotan Gur

A case study video for Ashkenazi Zaltsman.

Ashkenazi Zaltsman is an office who works with his clients in several areas of advertisement. In this specific video, they wanted to show together all the great work they did with Mada on the "Neeman Hayim" campaign.

Director : Dotan Gur

Online : Iliya Zelser

A commercial for 24option with Boris Becker

I was Edited.


Company: Citymedia.

A parodic fashion video with the minister Ayelet Shaked I was Edited.

Party: Hayamin Hahadash.

A series of promos for the Israeli Network I've Shot.


Studio: Plain.

A summary "what we were doing" clip for finance minister Moshe Kahlon.

Party: Kulanu.

A short promo video from CL 2019 photoshoot I was Filming and Editing.

Company: Crazy Line.

A fashion clip for Daniel Moshe I was Filming.

Directors: Meir Warcel, Ori Aharon.

A teaser for a kid series name Haklum Hagadol I've Shot on green screen.

Channel: KIDZ.

One of few short commercials for Gindi Mall I was Edited.

Company: Citymedia.

A commercial for Dominos Pizza I was Producing and Editing.

Company: Citymedia.

A campaign video who present real people from different places I was Filming and Editing.

Party: Hayamin Hahadash.

A short humoristic video that describes the problematic issue with postponed payments for freelancer workers. Filming and Editing by me.

Company: Citymedia and Noy Alush.

A content video by Amitay Hazan about the artist Zoya Cherkassky, I was Shot and Edit.

Company: Tiroche auction house.

A short promo video for Petah Tikva's summer activities I was Direct and Edit.

Comapny: Petah Tikva municipality.

A political video by Eldad Yaniv and Erel Margalit I've Edit.

Director: Dror Shaul.

A video of all Kulanu's party members, I've shot and Edit.

Company: Kulanu.

A promotional video for Hillel Ramat Gan school I was Direct, Shot, and Edit.

Company: Citymedia.