How does it work?

1 Analyzing your current situation.

We will see what had done till now in your marketing actions, what worked more and what less. what is your desired goals? and so what will be the right combination of video series that will tell your story and help you get much more closer to your targeted customers.

2 Developing creative concept.

After we've decided on your video combination, than we want to develop the story in it.

We start from get to know your specific brand's benefits, and your uniqueness in your field of profession. than we want to communicate this to the targeted audience by approaching their needs and feelings.

This is the creative part - to build this attractive bridge between your brand and your customers.  

3 Creating original scripts.

In this point we have the skeleton, and we want to add Skin and tendons.

We develop the specific words for the scripts, and a video board with music that will help us feel the visioned outcome.

4 Production planning.

After we got it all together, we will plan it very well to a 12 hours shooting day for getting the various video content done. In this part we divide the scripts into shooting units with an allocation of time, and combine it to a schedule who grasp it all together for getting a variety of video content to your brand.

5 Shooting.

We have a 12 hours shooting day, with a crew of director, videographer and other crew members depending on the type of video content we want to create and the size of the production.

6 Editing.

After the shooting day we take all the material and connect it together - 80% by the scripts, and 20% by the new thing we realized on the way. We let the editor work, and combine the video with the pre-selected original music, supers, titles and logo. Than we get you to the process with your feedbacks, make another Director-Editor together shift to refine it all and back to you.

7 Promoting.

This is a new section that we develop in our company we get the material we've created and promote it for you in sponsored ads, site content and organic traffic on social media.